Are you Purposeful?

Do you realize that the purpose of a business is to fund a perfect life?  We understand that, yet as business owners, we often hit a ceiling of achievement. What do you do to break through that ceiling? You have to move from being Entrepreneurial to being Purposeful.

You are 5 years away from ANYWHERE that you desire to be

Last year I had the opportunity to attend an event in Las Vegas where I heard Gary Keller speak. During this event, one of my greatest, "Aha's" came during a presentation when Mr. Keller reminded us that we are only 5 years away from anywhere that we desire to be.

When Gary suggested this, it became clear that in order to get anywhere substantial in 5 years that it would take an understanding of where we are, where we want to go and who will we be in order to get there?

Career Growth Initiative

In the Career Growth Initiative (CGI), the Four Conversations are used for collaborative evaluation of the effectiveness of present actions, their outcomes and how they compare to the initial goals. These conversations are an effective catalyst for strategic new actions for agents.

This is exactly what the Career Growth Initiative is all about. Bringing the proven Growth Initiative tools to you, and you holding your sales business accountable for your desired results!

Success Leaves Clues

Recently I have been studying how to develop companies with steady growth. While researching companies that have grown consistently through time (such as Southwest Airlines), I have identified that they do the following:

Top producers do the following:

  1. They use a standards. 
  2. They take small steps each day over time to get results.
  3. They are certain that their intentions are within their own control.
  4. They set time frames of by when they will achieve their results. 

Winter is Coming!

The difference between a Top Producer and others is in their mindset and in their habits. Those that chose to create their market than to let the market dictate their opportunity will thrive.

I know you can be a top Agent. Top agents WORK. I encourage you to make more contacts, go on more listing appointments, do more business and attend more training than ever before!