You are 5 years away from ANYWHERE that you desire to be

You are 5 years away from ANYWHERE that you desire to be

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Last year I had the opportunity to attend an event in Las Vegas where I heard Gary Keller speak. During this event, one of my greatest, "Aha's" came during a presentation when Mr. Keller reminded us that we are only 5 years away from anywhere that we desire to be.

When Gary suggested this, it became clear that in order to get anywhere substantial in 5 years that it would take an understanding of where we are, where we want to go and who will we be in order to get there?

In addition, we discovered that there were a few habits that allow us access to our greatest potential.

Those habits are:

  • Self Habits

    • Reality >> Get real!

    • Mindset

    • Productivity with persistence

  • Spiritual Habits

    • Belief in a higher Authority

    • Meditation and prayer

    • Thankfulness and gratitude

  • Physical Habits

    • Nutrition

    • Exercise

    • Stress management

  • Time Habits

    • Play time

    • Pay time

    • Organization time

  • Money Habits

    • Gross income >> Increase your gross

    • 70/ 30 Rule >> Save 30%

    • Value/ Accountability

  • Growth Habits

    • Embrace your unique abilities

    • Use leverage

    • Understand your new capacity and repair

Where do you intent to be 5 years from now? What habits will you embrace? Who will you be? I encourage you to take your boldest approach to creating your future self!

To your success!

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Are you Purposeful?

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