Let's Have an Exploratory Conversation

I am excited to meet with you to have an exploratory conversation to see if we might be a good fit. This is NOT a group interview, it is a group conversation. We will discuss the opportunity, requirements, culture and expectations of our team and I want to best understand your goals. I will explain the role, compensation, etc. I look forward to speaking!
— Dan Rochon

Thanks for inquiring for the real estate agent position!  

I'd like to invite you to a group meeting held online via Join.me so we can get to know each other and I can share the goals and duties the position. It's also faster this way so you can really get to know the people you would be working with and if this is right for you.

You'll meet with me, Dan Rochon, so I can explain the position, pay, and what to expect.

Complete the form on this page and I will email you details for the online meeting and a few questions that will allow for me to best understand your goals. After the meeting, you'll know all the details and have the opportunity for a one on one interview with me.


Dan Rochon is always looking for ways to contribute to me and my success in business, adding value to my life and career every step of the way. 

Dan taught me to believe in myself and to develop a confidence in a way that I had not felt before.

— Mark Davis

Dan helped me to understand that having rapport is the foundation of a connection. As a result, I am able to close more deals when I achieve instant rapport with a prospective client.

He is an amazing real estate sales coach! Dan has taught me to have a different perspective.


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