How to Handle Client Complaints?

How to Handle Client Complaints?

Today, I want to talk to you about How to Handle Client Complaints.

I learned this from a Real Estate Business CEO. The way he handled this was just beautiful.

I was actually the one complaining. I had a challenge with the promises that didn't get fulfilled and there's been a bit of mix up by one of their operations leader. The CEO reached out and we had a conversation via email, "Dan, you've been a client of us for a very long time. I want to reach out and understand what happened". I explained to him what happened and his response was phenomenal! Actually, one of the best email I received in regards to handling a client complaint given the validity of the client's complaint.

I'll quote his response,

"Dan, I'm sorry this has happened to you. I have no knowledge that it occurred and I'm going to make this right. Please let me know how I may do so."

This was such a beautiful response.

If you ever are in a position where in you are receiving the complaint, I'm going to encourage you to really just take ownership of what happened. If the client perceives that you suck whether if you did a great job or not, guess what? You still suck.

The best way to handle a client complaint is take ownership and ask how you can make it right for them.

"I'm sorry. I'm responsible for this. How can I make this right?"

Taking Accountability

Taking Accountability