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Looking for a rewarding real estate career in the DMV area?

We’re hiring real estate agents in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC which includes Rockville, MD, Southern Maryland, Alexandria, VA, Fredericksburg, VA and Loudoun County. Get the culture, leads, accountability, processes, and strategies to sell more homes. Make a great living. Training provided.

Dear real estate agent, salesperson or frustrated employee,

If you’re a solo agent or you’re just getting started in the business and you have a record of success in sales, and you desire to get to the next level, read on.

It’s a known fact that 87% of all real estate agents fail within their first five years in the business, either because they run out of money, get too distracted, or don’t have the guidance or mentorship they need to succeed.

Right now, you may not have a system or culture in place that allows you to live as the best version of yourself or the direction to attract more business. There are a million and one things to do when it comes to real estate sales, and sometimes everything outside our job description can get in the way of creating results and a predictable stream of income.

Many don’t have the clarity to solve this problem because they’re busy paying their bills and trying to do everything themselves, and if this problem goes unsolved, they have no choice but to go back to a nine-to-five job in another industry.

Here’s where I can help you. I’ve been in real estate sales for 11 years and have helped over 250 agents get their license. I’m an associate broker in Virginia and a full-fledged broker in Maryland. I have spent my entire career helping agents be successful because that’s my highest focus, and I can help you be successful too.

We have a position open on our team, and we’d like you to join us.

My priority in the relationship with those that I work with is to empower them. I have complete faith in those that we hire. My job is to create the ground for you to massively succeed. If we were to work together, your job would be to take advantage of the opportunity and to contribute at the highest level.

We’re different than other brokerages and sales teams in that we already have the systems, processes, and leads in place for you to succeed. I have an inside sales agent team that will develop 75% of your business for you. We also have an extensive media presence including radio advertisements on top radio stations and an extensive CRM that we utilize to make sure our agents always have business and can effectively communicate with clients. Our administrative department focuses their time on writing offers for you to negotiate, overseeing contracts to close, marketing and all administrative tasks.

When you join our team you’ll enjoy the benefits of:

  • Constant, continuous, high-quality leads

  • Full administrative support by our coordinators of chaos

  • Consistent training

  • A team-oriented and learning-based environment

  • A career track to earn a six-figure income

  • A fun, enjoyable place to work

  • An environment that embraces lead generation and accountability for you to lead generate each day

  • Access to MOJO triple line auto-dialer

  • Listing administation

  • Use of the support of our runner to deliver Pre-Listing packages, hang your signs, lockboxes and visit your listings

  • Use of a proven system of doing business in a predictable manner to allow for you to sell more homes and to net more money

  • Fully-staffed call center for leveraged lead generation and follow-up

  • Listing administration

  • Paid Facebook advertising to generate a massive amount of leads

  • Access to Command CRM which is highly customized with Action Plans, Templates, and more

  • Tools to allow for systematic tracking of client opportunities

  • Effective and engaging lead generation campaigns

  • National agent referrals

  • Support to help you track your goals and the progress made towards reaching them

  • Ability to add, touch, and manage your contacts from your tablet or phone

  • Hyperlocal data to show clients unique insights about their specific home in relation to their market

  • Signs, riders, directionals

  • Opportunity to work with both buyers as well as sellers

  • Daily support around scripts and role play

  • High leverage

  • Database management

  • Transaction management

  • Social media support

  • Weekly one on one coaching

  • Lockboxes

  • Marketing management

  • Reduced stress

  • Certainty

  • More time back

  • Reputation and strength of a successful team

  • Branded apps

  • Team 800 number

  • IT support

  • Web management

  • Flyers

  • Printing/ paper/ toner

  • Database mailings

  • Four client appreciation events each year

  • Care for business while you take vacation

  • Access to and use of Team Showing Agents which allow you to spend more time to:

    • Lead generate

    • Convert those leads

    • Go on appointments

    • Negotiate

    • Scripts/ roleplay

  • For Team Showing Agents

    • Part time opportunities

    • Allow for a Lead Agent to take leadership of the transaction

  • Local, regional, national training

  • Unlimited income potential with the ability to leverage your business within our business

  • Presentation materials

  • Video marketing

  • Leadership

  • Vendor relationship

  • Environment committed that you grow personally and professionally

  • A true TEAM. NOT a collection of individuals that DO NOT help each other

  • Future opportunity to become a leader within the organization, a coach, an owner/ investor in Keller Williams brokerages, an investor in other businesses, an investor in property ownership, and more

  • No administration or marketing expense

  • Reduced/ little risk

  • More

With weekly coaching, listing and marketing assistance, customer care assistance, office space, an extensive CRM, branded apps, checklist, scripts, leadership presentation materials, and a supportive culture, you’ll never again fall through the cracks. The goal is to allow you to focus on activities that allow for you to help people and to produce dollars.

Your other options are to try achieving success on your own or join another team that may or may not have the tenure, maturity, or systematic approach that’s produced a decade of success for us. This approach allowed an agent on our team who joined us in 2017 to only work part-time while being the manager of a major retail shopping center and still close 21 transactions in a single year. In 2018 an agent that worked for a competing real estate brokerage sold 17 homes with us during her first six months. Prior to joining us, she sold zero homes.

Our agents receive a 50/50 split of their commission and pay their own brokerage fee—essentially 15% of their split—and that fee is capped at $17,000. After that $17,000 limit is met, you get a flat 50/50 split. Ultimately, though, it’s not about the split—it’s about what you put into your pocket, which is at least $135,000. That is more than $135,000 AFTER your splits, with ZERO marketing costs, ZERO money that you pay for our staff or supplies.

After you join our team, you’ll follow our 100-day orientation process that’s developed specifically for you and your success. You’ll read “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” and “The One Thing” by Gary Keller and learn our buyer process from A to Z.

If you’re interested in living the greatest life possible for yourself and being a part of something that’s larger than yourself so you’ll always have opportunities ahead of you, don’t hesitate to apply.

Here are a couple of FAQs we typically get from agents wanting to join our team:

What other opportunities are there outside of just being an agent? You’ll have leadership and expansion opportunities within the KW system, including being able to transition into a team leader role, an operating partner or owner of your own KW Realty franchise, a MAPS coach, a BOLD coach, etc. You will have Team leadership opportunity to lead the Sales department or Lead Generation department, become a Regional Director

What’s an average day look like? We start each day with a power-up meeting, which lasts from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on Mondays to Friday. Every weekday from 9:00 a.m. to noon we lead generate. From noon to 6 p.m. we service our clients, do more lead generation, and pursue education opportunities.

Once you learn our systems and our processes, you will be set up to net more than $135,000 annually. It doesn’t cost a penny to apply, and we’re offering more than just money in return. We’re here to help you fulfill your potential, reach all of your goals, and be the best person you can be.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Dan Rochon, Owner

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Head Coach and Visionary, Greetings Virginia Real Estate Sales Network


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