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Erich Cuadros Shares How to Achieve Your Dreams

Erich Cuadros, 20 year U.S. Marine Retired, MAPS Business Coach, John Maxwell Team Coach and Owner/Business Strategist at The Elite Real Estate Group, as he shares his knowledge of how he works with Real Estate Agents and Business owners on making a difference and helping others to achieve their dreams and reach their potential personally and professionally.

Ben Benita - How to Find Balance in Business

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Iron Man Tri-Athlete, Ben Benita shares how he helps busy Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Agents find balance using his 4 Step Coaching Program: - Fitness - Family - Friends - Finance Ben developed numerous exercises that change your thinking and remind you throughout the day of what really matters.

Things as simple as setting an alarm on your phone to go off everyday reminding you to send a “Thinking of you” text to your loved one, or “I appreciate you” text to a friend or colleague.